We are excited to be hosting the following learning opportunities this year! Foster Care CE credits will be available for each event listed below.

  • February 2nd - Choosing to Care: Adoption and Orphan Care Conference. Register Here.

  • April 5th-6th - "Empowered to Connect Conference" Live Simulcast presented by Show Hope and the Karyn Purvis Institute of Child Development. Childcare will not be provided for this event. Register Here.

  • May 20th - "Protecting Your Edges" led by Pam Parish. Recognize and respect your limits, freeing yourself to meet your child’s needs from a place of strength through this workshop. Register Here.

  • July 15th - "Inside the Mind of a Child with Trauma" led by Angela Mains. Learn how a child of trauma/compromised attachment is motivated and the personal logic behind those behaviors through this workshop. Register Here.

  • September 16th - "Looking through the Eyes of the Vulnerable" led by Danny Stevens. Register Here.

  • November 18th - "Discipline for Children from Trauma: Responding to Challenging Behaviors " led by Whitney White. Practical ideas for disciplining at-risk children who have experienced compromised beginnings while still maintaining feelings of safety and security and focusing on attachment. Register Here.

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