Family MomentS

CFLM exists to help churches and communities understand and respond to this need: there are children in our community and throughout the world who don't have parents to make memories with or who aren’t living in an environment where memories are made in safety and love.

What is the answer? To help families grow - whether for a season while fostering or for a lifetime through adoption. In this growth, we expect to see vulnerable children and orphans experience the tangible love of Jesus.

There is a role you can play to help make these family moments a reality for orphaned and vulnerable children. We invite you to help families grow -  to help children experience moments that can change the trajectory of their lives.

We invite you find your role. It could be as simple as supporting one local foster family, as generous as making a donation, or as brave as choosing foster care or adoption for your family.

As you watch our series of "Family Moments," consider your role in growing families and giving children more of these memorable experiences.


What role will you play? 

Click here for a list of ways you can get involved today!