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New Adoptive parent gatherings

Chosen for Life Ministries began as a small group of couples who met in the living room of our Chair and Vice Chairwoman of the Board to discuss and address the need for resources and support for adoptive parents in our community. In the past, this support for adoptive families primarily came in the form of financial support through our Adoption Assistance Grant. However, we have always believed that the adoption journey does not end when you welcome your son or daughter home; the journey is just beginning.

With that in mind, CFLM is excited to begin offering additional forms of support for adoptive families. This fall we will be offering monthly Adoptive Parent Gatherings. These informal evenings will provide an opportunity for local adoptive parents to find community and share with one another. Adoptive Parents Gatherings will occur on the fourth Monday of each month, beginning Monday, August 26. To register, follow this link.