Foster Care Initiative MISSION:

CFLM's Foster Care Initiative is a collaborative strategy between local churches, CFLM, and Promise686 (another independent 501(c)(3) organization) that mobilizes and equips churches and families to serve children in foster care. 

Find your role:

We want to invite you and your church to find a role in caring for local foster children. As you read more, consider how you might be called to play a part in the community of churches seeking to care for vulnerable children and the families caring for them.


Care Teams are groups of people who surround a foster family and provide physical, emotional, and spiritual support. Every Care Team looks a little different, but typically a Care Team provides a weekly meal and meets other needs for the family like, childcare, transportation, mentorship, prayer, and encouragement. You can be a part of what Chosen for Life Ministries is doing, too! Visit our Volunteer page to contact us about joining a Care Team!

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Foster Care Initiative History

Start a Foster Care Ministry at Your Church

Current Foster Care Initiative Churches

Care Team Roles

Foster Families:

Are you a foster family interested in working with a Care Team from the community to best care for the kids in your home?  Please let us know if you are interested in a support team for your home - we would love to connect with you!

There are many people in the community who value what you are doing and who want to find their way to help these kids too.  We would love to try and match you with people in your community that want to serve alongside of you!  Care Teams are a tangible way that people in the community can support kids in foster care by supporting your family as you serve.