Thank you for taking the time to learn more about foster care and the unique challenges that foster families and foster children face. Serving is sacrificial, not always convenient, and often challenging. We thank you for your commitment! We pray that as you are a blessing to others, you will in turn be blessed by being the hands and feet of Jesus.


Roles on a Care Team

FAMILY HELPER: This role is exactly what it says. You will serve in ways that will help your foster family. You may be one of four families that will supply a monthly meal. However, this role is not just limited to meal-making! It can mean so much more! Perhaps you'll be able to help with errands, extra housework, laundry, yard work, homework, or even childcare for biological children in the family. The possibilities are endless, and you may see how your gifts and talents match well with the needs of the foster family.


CHILD MENTOR: This role can allow you to be more involved in the life of a foster child, offering a great opportunity to regularly pour love and encouragement into them. We ask Child Mentors to commit to providing childcare at least twice per month. Childcare is the area where foster parents need the most support and tend to receive the least. They are hesitant to ask for childcare beyond necessary appointments, often fearing they are imposing or inconveniencing you. If and when you commit to being a Child Mentor, ask how you can serve the family once per month with regularly scheduled childcare for a date night or for driving to a reoccurring appointment or practice. Working this out in advance allows the foster parents to know they can count on your consistent help. Then, also strive to be available to accommodate at least one appointment on an "as needed" basis. You cannot imagine how much relief this can offer to tired and sometimes stressed foster parents. All Child Mentors will be required to do some type of background check, depending on the agency the family is fostering with.


TEAM LEADER: This role allows you to get to know the foster family more closely - usually the foster mother. Generally, tasks will require a time investment of less than an hour per week; however a consistency is required when serving in this role. You'll make a quick weekly phone call to the foster family and note their childcare needs and prayer requests. You'll then update the Care Calendar, if needed, and also send a weekly group email to the team. This is a very rewarding role as you have a front row seat into many answered prayers!


ENCOURAGER: This role is for anyone who loves to encourage! You will commit to one act of encouragement per week if you sign up for this role. This could be as simple as a kind, encouraging text message to the family. You could also organize and deliver care packages to the family and children, mail an encouraging letter, or drop off flowers. Anything that will encourage the family to continue walking in what the Lord has called them to do!


You can be a part of what Chosen for Life Ministries is doing, too! Visit our Volunteer page to contact us about joining a Care Team!

Click here to see if your church has a Foster Care Ministry already established that you could join and begin serving a foster family.