Help us Grow our New Resource Library


Chosen for Life Ministries is in the process of making a resource library for all those who are considering or already in the process of caring for orphaned and vulnerable children. We hope to provide resources to help our community better understand the great need for orphan care and equip each person to better care for children from hard places. This library will be for many audiences. We hope to have resources for current adoptive and foster families, those considering adoption or foster care, and for professionals or others interested in general orphan care.

Thanks to the support of a special grant awarded by Watkinsville First Baptist Church, we are excited to offer this library at our office with the opportunity for you to look through our hard copies of suggested books. When you find a book you are interested in, our plan is to have an online version of the library where you can go to purchase your books while also benefitting CFLM. Additionally, we plan to offer an online resource center that can point you to web-based materials such as podcasts and videos that will help you on your journey.

As we work to pull this library together, we would greatly appreciate your input! What resources have been helpful to you in your experiences caring for orphans? Which topics are you interested in learning more about? What children's books have you found to be particularly useful for your children? Please take a moment to fill out this very brief survey to help us build a resource library that will benefit you. We strongly believe that education is a way each of us can continue to be encouraged, motivated, and equipped to care well for these precious children, and we need your help to make it happen!