CFLM Announces Resignation of Executive Director

From Bryan Miller, Board Chair, Chosen for Life Ministries

It is with both sadness and gratitude that the Board of Directors of Chosen for Life Ministries (CFLM) announces the resignation of Mary Lee Herron as our Executive Director, effective April 30, 2018. Since the spring of 2012, Mary Lee has acted as a board member of CFLM until March of 2016, when she became our first Executive Director during a crucial season of growth for this organization. Since then, we have benefited from her notable abilities to lead, encourage, and equip our board, staff, and volunteers to follow the Lord in pursuit of our mission. While we are sad to see her leave, we are excited for her family as they enter a phase of life where she has chosen to stay home with their first child, expected in May. We want to thank her for her six years of faithful service to CFLM, but especially for the past two years she has dedicated to leading this organization to better meet the needs of our community. We are grateful to know that she will continue to serve alongside us in an advisory role after her transition.

Mary Lee Herron

Mary Lee has also expressed mixed emotions regarding her decision: "I care deeply about the mission of CFLM and am grateful that my decision to leave my position was such a difficult one. I believe that says much about the integrity of this organization and the way I have been so well cared for by our board, staff, and our entire CFLM Family. While I am excited about the opportunity to serve my family from home, I look forward to staying involved as a volunteer in the amazing work being done through CFLM. I want to thank our board of directors for the honor of serving alongside each of them. It has truly been my joy, and I am excited to see CFLM continue to grow and flourish under new leadership. I also want to thank our staff, volunteers, and the many donors who are the true heart of this organization acting as the hands and feet of Jesus in their care for families and vulnerable children throughout our community."

Over the next few months, our board of directors will be conducting a thorough search for CFLM's new Executive Director. It is our priority to find the best fit for this position who will continue the role of leading us forward in our growth while maintaining the integrity and effectiveness of our organization. We are grateful to our stakeholders for your continued support which will help us ensure this smooth transition of leadership. Interested candidates may email for more information about the position.

Again, we wish to thank Mary Lee for the time, energy, passion, and care that she has offered CFLM. We will miss her strong leadership and are grateful for all of her support as she transitions into this new and exciting season of her life. Please join us in thanking Mary Lee for her dedication to this community for the sake of vulnerable children and wishing her and her family the best as they pursue new endeavors.