Learning to Care—Upcoming Education Opportunity

Protecting Your Edges

On Monday, May 20th Pam Parish will join us for this year’s first Learning to Care workshop. Pam is a follower of Jesus Christ, and a wife for 24 years and counting. She is a mom of eight young women, and nana to four spunky grandchildren. Pam is a foster care and adoption advocate, author of the Ready or Not devotional series for foster and adoptive families, and the Founder and President of Connections Homes, an Atlanta-based organization working with young adults who have aged out of foster care, are homeless, or otherwise without family.

As parents the hardest thing to prioritize is ourselves. This is even harder for parents of children from hard places because the need-list grows longer every day and our needs are the first things to be put off or postponed until a "later" that never arrives. In this workshop, Pam will help us explore our "edges," those expectations, limits, and internal boundaries that exist in all of us. She will also discuss respecting our limits, freeing us to meet our children's needs from a place of strength.


Workshop Details

Monday, May 20, from 6 to 8 pm at Faith Presbyterian Church (Free childcare is available, but limited. Register soon!)

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