Both Hands 2017

We can't say "Thank You" enough to all of the people who have made this year's Both Hands Project a success! This fundraiser cannot be done without the support of so many. To all of our Project Managers and Team Leaders, to our photographers and sponsors, and to every person who spent their Saturday serving with us and every donor sponsoring them,


Every year we hear amazing stories of how God works through the faithfulness of our volunteers and staff working on the homes of ladies who have lost their husbands. We see tangible results of this in the transformation of homes that couldn't have been accomplished without teams of people working together. We hear feedback from the ladies who are being served that encourage everyone and show the impact of their generosity in working hard all day long. Volunteers continuously say how this project opens their hearts to caring more for others - particularly widows and orphans. We also have stories like the one below - where unknown connections display themselves and show that God is at work showing His Sovereignty over the lives of His children.

"Here are a few photos of some super-cute kids helping on Saturday. In addition to what is obvious about the photos (kids participating in the work being done at one of the sites), these photos represent so much more about Chosen for Life. These two sets of siblings and their parents became friends through Chosen for Life - one set are the children of a Foster Care initiative team leader turned Redeemer foster care advocate turned CFLM fundraising committee member and the other set are children of a foster parent turned adoptive parent turned CFLM board member. And, if that connection isn't special enough, they are working on the house of a widow whose cousin is the judge who finalized the two children's adoptions (and the attorney who represented them in the adoption was inside that same widow's house painting a dining room). These simple photos are particularly special in how they represent a full circle of CFLM."

We see our good and perfect Father working in so many ways in all that we do. It is a joy to be able to offer an opportunity for us to live in obedience to His command to care for the widowed and orphaned, through this one event and through all of our programs in this ministry. We are thankful for His gospel that gives us hope in all we do, and we are thankful for all of you who choose to enter into caring for the orphaned and vulnerable in our community, throughout our nation, and throughout the nations. 

Thank you again to all the sponsors who gave their time and resources to help transforms these ladies' homes. We hope you will be encouraged to do business with them as you see them supporting us in such an amazing way!

  • Ruppert Landscape
  • Zaxby's
  • Webber Coleman Woodworks
  • Webber Development and Construction
  • Pallas Landscape
  • Roll Off Systems
  • Scout Construction
  • SMD Construction
  • Carter Lumber
  • Certified Clean Care
  • Eddy Thaxton, The Leader's Real Estate Group
  • University Tire
  • Healy, Hafemann & Magee, LLC Attorneys at Law
  • Sidney Middlebrooks Photography
  • Danielle Hulsey LLC
  • Jake Gee Media 
  • Baker & Slider, LLC
  • Newell Orthodontics
  • Oconee State Bank
  • Triad Real Estate Group of Keller Williams Greater Athens
  • Powell Home Builders, Inc
  • Blue, Green, & Red Construction
  • Northeast Georgia Gutters and Garage Doors
  • Outdoor Specialty