DFCS Visitation Room Makeover

Chosen for Life Ministries is partnering with the Rotary Club of Athens and local churches to give our Clarke County DFCS Visitation Room a makeover!

Children who are in foster care spend many hours each week visiting with their biological families in this visitation room. These rooms get lots of use, and many of the toys available for kids to play with are broken or mismatched. We want to give this Visitation Room a makeover - to fill it with new things that encourage and support the time parents are spending with their children!

Our Foster Care Initiative Coordinator, Kelly Brooks, used her previous experience as a therapist to create a book that talks about the different developmental ages for children, including ideas of the best toys and ways to play based on ages. The hope is that parents can learn parenting skills through this resource to understand their children and have the tools available to play most appropriately together, to make the most of their time during supervised visits.

The Rotary Club of Athens has already purchased organization items for the makeover, and a small group from Faith Presbyterian Church will volunteer together to take out the old items and bring in new toys and an organization system!

We are inviting the community to help us finish this project! Below is a list of toys that correspond to the book resource that will be in the Visitation Room to show parents the appropriate toys to use with their children! We'd love for you to purchase these items through our Amazon Wish List. The items will be shipped to Chosen for Life Ministries and will go to the newly made over visitation room by mid-May!

You can click here for our Amazon Wishlist to purchase the below items that will be used for the Visitation Room Makeover! Remember, shopping through Amazon Smile will benefit Chosen for Life, as .5% of all sales will be donated back to us!

  • 2 Little People Animals Barn ($26/item) 
  • 2 Nesting Cup Sets ($5/set) 
  • 2 Pop Up Toy Sets ($21/set) 
  • 2 See and Say Set ($22/set)
  • 2 Toy Phones ($11/phone) 
  • 4 Dolls ($15/doll)
  • 2 Blanket, bottles, and clothes set for dolls ($20/set)
  • 6 Wooden 6-9 piece puzzles ($8/puzzle)
  • 2 Large Crayons ($14/set)
  • 5 Large Coloring Books ($4-6/book)

We are excited for this amazing opportunity that will allow the community to come together and provide for a space where children and families can thrive together!