CFLM Welcomes New Executive Director, Anna Bearden

From Bryan Miller, Board Chair, Chosen for Life Ministries

Chosen for Life Ministries is excited to announce a new addition to our team. Anna Bearden will be stepping into the role of Executive Director as Mary Lee Herron departs at the end of April. Anna brings with her extensive education and experience in community development and nonprofits. A native of Commerce, she graduated from UGA in 2008 and has worked with several organizations around the world, many focusing on orphan care. After recently completing her Masters at King’s College London, she has returned to Athens and is stepping into the Executive Director role. 

Anna Headshots - 2018-5.jpg
“Over the last several years, while at a distance, it has been such an encouragement to watch Chosen for Life be a part of supporting and caring for many foster families that I know and love. I am thrilled to be back in Athens, and grateful to be a part of an organization that is so near to my heart and full of everything I am passionate about. I am so thankful to the board for this opportunity to help support and equip the local church and look forward to getting to know everyone at CFLM in the coming weeks.”

We are eager and expectant for all that Anna brings to our team and our work throughout the region. If you would like to reach out to Anna to welcome her to the team, please email her at We are thankful for the continued prayers and support of all of our stakeholders through this time of transition in our leadership!