Clothes Closet Renovations!

In August of 2016, Chosen for Life opened a free Clothes Closet for Foster Families! Seeking to follow Christ's example to love our neighbor as ourselves, the Chosen for Life Ministries Clothes Closet is a tangible way that people in our community can share their resources with other who will be greatly blessed by them. Our Clothes Closet is stocked year round with quality clothing and infant/toddler care items because of our community's generosity! 100% of the available clothing and supplies are donated for foster families to shop for!

In December of 2017, we received a generous grant from the Athens Church Be Rich Campaign to fund our Clothes Closet renovation! A huge thank you to Athens Church for equipping us to provide a clean, climate controlled space for families to shop for the items they desperately need to care well for the children they are caring for!

As we announce that our Clothes Closet is now open for foster families to shop in this new space, we wanted to thank all of the many groups who helped create a beautiful, organized, and functional space for foster families to visit!

  • Millstone Homes provided the work to finish the space for our Clothes Closet, creating rooms for shopping, storage, and workspace for our many volunteers!
  • TenFour Home helped create a beautiful design for the space - from wood materials and colors, to paint colors and designs for our organization system!
  • Inspired Closets worked with our space to create amazing locker-style closets and islands to make shopping easy for our foster families!
  • Volunteers came together to move all of our items into the new, finished space! See below for pictures of these fantastic groups who helped prepare us to re-open for shopping!

Foster families are invited to come and shop for quality clothing sized infant through 7 toddler as well as infant care items such as cribs, strollers, bottles, sippy cups, blankets, bibs, rattles, books, toys, and more! Our shopping hours are every Tuesday and Thursday from 10am-1pm, but families can call our office to make an appointment to shop outside of those hours any day!

We are excited to see the Lord continue to display His generosity and faithfulness in providing for the needs within our community. It is so beautiful to see our Good Father call others to be generous with their resources as they give for the sake of others!

If you would like to learn more about volunteering in our Clothes Closet, visit our Volunteer Page. If you would like to donate items to our Clothes Closet, please see our list of items that we can accept. We would love for families in the community to be blessed by the items you have to give!