Planting the Seed

A black plastic trash bag…

is a common way that children carry their few worldly belongings when they enter a new home through foster care. Many times they enter their new home with the clothes on their back and nothing else.

Chosen for Life Ministries is passionate about offering these children something special to remind them that they and their name matter, planting the seeds of truth in their hearts that they are valued and loved.

Our My Name Matters sets include a perfect gift for a new foster placement! We gift each child a new duffle bag with their name monogrammed on it, and inside is a pillowcase and towel personalized with their name. It gives these little ones something they can hold close and truly call their own. A Jesus Storybook Bible is also a part of this gift with the following message inside the front cover for each child to read:

Wherever I go I know
God’s Never Stopping
Never Giving Up
Always and Forever
Will go, too!
— You are seen, known, and loved by God! God knows your name, and you are special to Him. You can read more about that in this book. We hope that you enjoy learning more about His love, and we are praying for you daily!

When one family’s foster son received his My Name Matters set he kept asking, “Why did they do this for us”? They opened up the Bible inside and read the message in the front and began to tear up. His reaction to this gift proves this family’s statement that they “may just be bags, but they mean so much more!”

Your gift helps us plant the seeds of God’s truth in the hearts of children throughout our community. With your support, children receive these items and tangibly see that they are loved and cared for. Your monthly gift allows us to reach more children with this message!

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