Preparing the Soil

We often want to find a way to serve and support vulnerable children and families - we just don’t know where to begin. There are so many needs to be met and the numbers can be overwhelming. It’s hard to think one person could even make a difference. But oh, what a difference that can be made in the life of one child. And what a difference that can be made throughout a community as we come together to meet the needs of others!

Chosen for Life Ministries helps show people the role that they can play to support orphaned and vulnerable children in all kinds of ways! Through partnering with local churches and organizations, we encourage local DFCS caseworkers. Encouraging notes and sweet treats are small ways to thank caseworkers for all that they do. We want to remind the caseworkers that their community sees the work they are doing and cares about them.

In a job where few people are aware of the dark things we see, it’s inspiring to know that someone is out there, like Chosen for Life Ministries, thinking and praying for us and our work.
— Dawn Criss, Athens-Clarke County DFCS Director
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We get to be a part of preparing the soil as we build connections with those serving on the front lines of the local foster care crisis. Even more, we are positioned to connect local churches and community members to ways that they can encourage individuals and families who passionately pursue the safety of children who are experiencing the foster care system. CFLM is able to join local DFCS caseworkers and community organizations as we come together to talk about both needs and making an impact. This support and encouragement paves the way for relationships to develop and thrive.

Your gift helps us connect individuals with ways to meet the needs of the foster care community. With your support, we build relationships and show caseworkers and foster families that they are seen, valued, and supported. Your monthly gift lays the foundation for us to all work together in helping families grow and for the children in their care to see and feel the love, kindness, and care from their caseworkers who are supported and encouraged throughout the year.

We invite you to join us!

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