Chosen for Life's Clothes Closet

Chosen for Life Ministries has seen the Lord’s provision continue to abound in so many ways! We are constantly reminded of his love and generosity towards us, therefore, we strive to also be generous with the resources we have been graciously given.

As our Foster Care Initiative continues to grow, we are finding more ways to equip churches and communities to walk alongside us in generosity to provide for the many needs of foster families in our area. One way we wish to support foster families is by providing them with children’s clothing and other necessary items for free! We are so excited to announce our new Chosen for Life Ministries Clothes Closet - a resource for foster families to come and receive children’s clothing and other items that have been donated by community members and churches.

The Chosen for Life Ministries Clothes Closet provides an opportunity for communities and churches to donate gently used children’s clothing and other items for foster families, allowing these families to then use their own resources in other ways to care for the children in their homes. By donating these items to our Clothes Closet, you can help provide for and encourage the many foster families in your community, show the love of Jesus to these children, and help build their self esteem by providing quality clothing that they will feel good about wearing.

These are just a few examples of the items already donated to the Clothes Closet!

Our clothes closet is now open to any foster family, from anywhere! As a way of demonstrating and extending the love of Christ to your families and the children you are caring for, we would love to support and serve you as you come and shop for the items you need.

The Clothes Closet is located in our new office space at 1800 Hog Mountain Rd. Bldg 700-101, Watkinsville GA and is open every Tuesday and Thursday from 10am-1pm for donations and for families to come and shop! You can also schedule an appointment to shop by texting our Foster Care Initiative Coordinator, Kelly Brooks, at 706.206.1230.

If you are interested in donating or shopping for items, please see the below list of items that we will accept and have available to shop for. Our “Thank You” list is for items that we will collect and offer to foster families as they shop! If you have items on the “No, Thank You” list that you would like to donate, we encourage you to donate those items to other local donation centers such as Goodwill or Habitat for Humanity Restore!

Thank you for supporting us as we strive to continue meeting the needs of our community! We look forward to seeing you at our Clothes Closet soon!