The Need: There are children in our community and throughout the world without the love and protection of a family. CFLM exists to help churches and communities understand and respond to this need.

The Solution: Help families grow. Whether for a season of fostering or for a lifetime through adoption, CFLM helps families grow. Through this growth, we have the opportunity to serve children and families and to see the love of Jesus in action.

The Invitation: We invite you find your role.  We all have a role to play in helping orphaned and vulnerable children find the love and safety of a family. Our roles may look different, but we can all do something.

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because of your gift

local churches will be equipped to launch foster care and adoption ministries

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families will be surrounded by teams of support enabling them to foster longer and stronger


parents will be better equipped to care for children coming from hard places

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children will receive a personalized bag with their name on it, reminding them that they matter

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You give, so families can grow and children can be wrapped in love.

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